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and army as well &s the seven articles of present (during
reception) such as palankeen, dress, ornament, vehicle, royal
favour("?;, camphor and tautliila. lie should also understand the
seven expedients oj devices, vis., conciliation, separation, gift,
punishment, fraud, indiirerence and sorcery. The kings are
addicted to seven (evil) passions: these, as described in a
verse on political ethics, are :
Woman, gambling, driving,, Lr,::r:\c, arrogan: If jffnage, oppression
aij«I v;as;ing pa'lie funds; the k:u^ sLyjli :;o: U caa^a: in the toils of
these seven passions,
Moreover, he must obtain the seven sanffina*. r/V., excava-
tion of a tank. bmldLi^ of a Brahuuan village, construction of
u temple, making a garden, getting" a poem written, begetting
a sou, and discovering a treasure. Surrounding himself with
the seven members of an assembly such as poets, scholars,
reciters of purfiiias and of itihasas, heralds, jesters and
dancers,......he should eradicate the evil-doers and protect the
" There are yet many more principles of political ethics;
we have expounded but a small part."
On hearing this, Kp§naraya said, addressing Appaji and
the other three ministers,
" You know the past, the present and the future : you have
foresight and a knowledge of what has happened already and
what is yet to happen. 60 you have explained to me political
ethics in a very lucid manner. As the bee knuws the scent of
flowers from the breeze (1 have learnt politics from yon. In
fact, I have been transformed into a politician by associating with
you)* like an insect which is transformed into a bee by the
association with bees. (Now please tell me) how to increase the
income of the state.5'
The councillors replied:
"If Your Majesty walks (in the path of) dharma, it is
bound to rain thrice a month ; the land yields plenty. If the
Tfe* puftftge ic corrupt   Two or &re« mutilated »ent*ne«s are jumbled into one.